Disability Saving Plans (DSP)

Financial support for when you need it most.

Before the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), individuals and families had few options to plan and save for the financial well-being of an individual or family member with a disability. The RDSP is the first plan of its kind and, over the long term, will provide financial security and reduce poverty for individuals with disabilities.

Proceeds paid out of an RDSP will not affect eligibility for federal benefits such as the Canada Child Tax Benefit, the Goods and Services Tax credit, Old Age Security, or Employment Insurance.

All provinces and territories have announced a partial or full exemption of Registered Disability Savings Plan assets and income. This provides individuals with the assurance that, when they commence receiving income from their RDSP, it will have little or no impact on their provincial benefits. More information about provincial and territorial benefits from the Government of Canada.

RDSP Beneficiaries can now get a Basic Banking Account with no monthly fee1,2,3,4,5

RDSP Basics

What is an RDSP? How do they work? Who can contribute? What are the contribution limits? Get the facts on these questions and more.

To find out more access the following government links:

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Government Disability Initiatives

The Government of Canada will contribute to a person's RDSP through the Canada Disability Savings Grant and Canada Disability Savings Bond.

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Scotia® RDSP Products

Scotiabank offers a range of RDSP options; with a choice of investments that includes Cash/Savings, GICs and Mutual Funds.

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