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How far will my investments take me?

A Scotiabank Investment Specialist* can make planning for your future more convenient by meeting with you on your own terms wherever you prefer. Start getting answers today.

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Right for you if:

  • You are looking for a complimentary review of your investments
  • You want a convenient approach to planning your future

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Scotiabank Investment Specialists are experienced advisors focused on building a financial plan that reflects your goals. They’re committed to providing advice when and where it makes the most sense for you. Because, our office is your life.

Partner in your future

A Scotiabank Investment Specialist's goal is to be a key partner in your financial future by ensuring that your plan evolves with you, as your priorities and circumstances change in the years ahead.

A Scotiabank Investment Specialist can help bring your unique goals to life with a customized financial plan. They can create a defined path to your investment goals, and build a plan that will provide the security of knowing your needs will be taken care of now and in the future.

Our disciplined financial planning approach allows us to fully understand your unique goals and financial circumstances in a way that’s meaningful to you.


We will develop a carefully considered plan that never loses sight of your long-term goals, yet is flexible enough to shift with your changing circumstances.

With a clear understanding of your goals, time horizon and your tolerance for risk, we will action your plan with a portfolio that is designed for both the journey and your destination.

Together we will revisit your plan and portfolio so that they continue to reflect your needs, track your progress and help you make adjustments as necessary.

Benefit from our expertise

Scotiabank Investment Specialists have the investment expertise and financial planning experience you need to help you feel more confident in your financial future.

Scotiabank Investment Specialists can offer valuable advice on:

  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning

Solutions for every need

Whatever your goals and priorities, Scotiabank offers a range of investment solutions to meet your unique needs.

Options include individual mutual funds and comprehensive portfolio solutions, as well as Scotiabank Guaranteed Investment Certificates and complementary savings products.

Many of our mutual funds and portfolio solutions are also available in tax smart options, such as corporate class mutual funds, that allow you to rebalance your non-registered assets without immediate tax consequences.

Diversification Continuum

Scotiabank Investment Specialists will build customized financial plans that help bring your investment and retirement goals to life. A tailored plan will allow you to savour today while preparing for your needs and the needs of your family in the future.