Scotia SelectPay

Turn credit card purchases into bite-sized payments.
Convert eligible credit card purchases of $100 or more into fixed monthly installment payments with no interest rate on your plan and a low fee.1

Pay off your credit card purchases with Scotia SelectPay™

Here's why Scotia SelectPay is a new, flexible way to pay off your purchases:

No interest rate on your plan and a low fee1

More control over your budget with fixed monthly payments

More flexible payment options with 3, 6, or 12-month plans available

Set up and manage plans on the Scotia app or Scotia OnLine

Continue to enjoy all your credit card’s benefits, like rewards and insurance coverage

How do I qualify for Scotia SelectPay

You qualify for a Scotia SelectPay plan if1:

  • You are the primary cardholder of an eligible Scotiabank credit card (Co-borrower accounts are currently not eligible for SelectPay)
  • Your account is in good standing
  • You made an eligible purchase of $100 or more with your eligible Scotiabank credit card
  • You have a Scotia OnLine or a mobile banking account
  • You’re a resident of a province or territory in Canada other than Quebec

How it works

Let’s say you bought a $1,200 laptop and converted it into a 3-month SelectPay installment plan with a total fee of 2% and no interest rate on your payment plan. Your monthly SelectPay payment will come down to $408/month. For illustrative purposes only.2 

Log in to your Scotia app or Scotia OnLine to find out your SelectPay fee.

Month Monthly purchase amount2 Monthly SelectPay fee2 Total monthly SelectPay payment2
1 $400.00 $8.00 $408.00
2 $400.00 $8.00 $408.00
3 $400.00 $8.00 $408.00
Total $1,200.00 $24.00 $1,224.00

See how easy it is to set up a SelectPay plan.

Watch the video

5 easy steps to set up a Scotia SelectPay plan

After you make a purchase (1 to 2 days), log into your eligible Scotiabank credit card account on the Scotia app and follow these steps:

  1. Select your eligible Scotia credit card and tap the Scotia SelectPay icon
  2. Choose the eligible purchase you’d like to convert into a SelectPay plan
  3. Pick a plan (choose 3, 6, or 12 months and review the fee that applies)
  4. Read and agree to the SelectPay Terms and Conditions
  5. Slide to enroll and, ta-da, it’s done!

Easily manage your Scotia SelectPay plans

On the Scotia app, you can see your SelectPay plan details, the payments you’ve made, and what’s remaining.

  1. Select your eligible Scotia credit card and tap the Scotia SelectPay icon
  2. Under the My plans tab, choose the plan you want to review

Cancel a Scotia SelectPay plan

On the Scotia app, you can cancel a SelectPay plan at any time, without any cancellation penalties.

  1. Select your eligible Scotia credit card and tap the Scotia SelectPay icon
  2. Under the My plans tab, choose the active plan you want to cancel
  3. Tap the Review and cancel button
  4. Slide to cancel plan

You won’t be charged the remaining monthly installment fees once the plan has been cancelled. Note that once you cancel an installment plan, the remaining outstanding installment balance under it will be re-applied to the balance owing on your Scotia credit card account and any interest that applies will be charged at the then current annual interest rate that applies to purchases. 

Refer to the SelectPay Terms and Conditions for full details.

Reading your statement

Check out what’s changed and what’s new in your statement when you enroll in a Scotia SelectPay plan.

Total minimum payment: Payment we need to receive each month by your payment due date for your account to remain in good standing, including your current installment payment.3

Current installment payment: The monthly installment payment that we must receive by your payment due date for your Installment Plan to remain in good standing. 

Installment plan details: See the last page of your statement for details about your current plans, including any fees that apply to each plan and the outstanding installment balance for each of your plans.

Scotia SelectPay FAQs


For more information on Scotia SelectPay, please visit our Help Center

Start using Scotia SelectPay

1. Download the Scotia app or update it to the latest version

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Minimum OS requirements: iOS 10 and Android 5.0

2. Sign in to the app

1. Sign in to Scotia OnLine

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