Entering retirement is an important chapter of your life. Now is the time to optimize your finances, so it’s important to reset and think about your new priorities.

Your Scotia advisor can help you come up with a plan on how to navigate this time, from building a budget to managing your wealth.

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Whatever your goals are for your retirement, here are our tips to help you reach them.

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Where is your money going? 

You’ve worked hard to save for your retirement. Our calculator will give you a customized budget that will help you see and manage your day-to-day expenses in retirement.


Retirement planning made easy

What does retirement look like for you? Travelling, leisure, a new pet project? Or just volunteering and more time with family? Find out how much you need to enjoy the retirement of your dreams, exactly as you see it. 


Business ownership transfer

Are you planning to sell or transfer the ownership of your business and retire happily? Our step-by-step process will give you the transition roadmap and financial outcomes you need. 

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Our Scotia advisors are here to help you plan your financial future. With a simple chat, we’ll get you on track to accomplish your financial goals, big and small.

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