Check your credit score

Your credit score is more than just a number.


Your credit score is far more important than you think.

A credit score is a number between 300 and 900 that banks and lenders look at to determine whether to approve you for a car loan, mortgage, credit cards, rental lease for an apartment and  other credit applications. It’s important that you understand how to access your score to help you remain in control of your overall financial health.

Your credit score is primarily calculated by the credit reporting agencies based on the information found in your credit report. A credit report is a detailed breakdown of your financial history that includes personal information about you, as well as details about your credit products and payment history.

Check your credit score on Mobile and Desktop

Know your credit score


Did you know that as a Scotiabank customer you can now check your credit score as often as you want, at no additional cost and zero impact to your score using the TransUnion Credit Score tool1?


If you’re signed up for online or mobile banking with Scotiabank, you can register for the TransUnion Credit Score tool1.  With this tool, you can track your monthly credit history, view your personal credit report,  and get practical tips on how to build a good credit history.

Monitor your credit score


It’s important to know your credit score and monitor any fluctuations.


By tracking your credit score closely, it can help you catch any surprises relating to your credit before they come.


Other tips to remember –read  your monthly account statements to ensure they’re correct, and report any errors as soon as possible to TransUnion at 1-844-580-9978.  

Manage your credit score


Improving your credit score can take time, but it should pay off.


Understanding where you are in your score lets you know the right steps to take to maintain (or move to) a great credit score and better financial health.  Some important tips that can help improve your credit are paying bills on time, using less than 35% of your available credit, and only taking out credit that you need.


To continue your credit education, check out our resources here . 

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