Digital Banking Basics

A wide variety of Scotiabank’s services are now available from home.
This guide will help you learn how to bank your way - using online banking or our mobile app.

Learn about all of the banking you can do from home

Manage your loan and line of credit accounts using online banking, or our mobile app. Learn more using the guides below. If you can't find what you're looking for, type in your question in our Help Centre.

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for please type your question in our Help Centre.

Loans & Lines

Here’s what you can do through your desktop computer or mobile device.

ScotiaLine Personal Line of Credit self-service options
Apply for a ScotiaLine Line of Credit

View current balance & account details

Make a payment

Transfer your balance from a higher-interest card
View e-statements

Check credit score

Set up payment alerts

Order a new ScotiaLine Access Card
Add a supplementary card

Order new ScotiaLine cheques
Apply for a credit limit increase

Scotia Plan Loans self service options
View outstanding balance

Make lump sum payments

Learn about how we’re making banking accessible for everyone

Accessible Banking