Accessible Digital Banking

Barrier free banking for seniors and people with disabilities

Mobile banking accessibility features:

Scotiabank’s mobile app is designed to help empower each and every customer — regardless of ability, context, or situation — to take control of how and when they bank, and was built with inclusivity and accessibility at its heart.

We believe banking can and should be barrier-free and that good design should reflect the diversity of people who interact with it. With input from our customers with disabilities throughout the development of the app we built a mobile banking experience that customers with a range of abilities can see, hear, touch and understand.

Banking you can hear

Sounds and vibrations let you know when your transactions are completed

The app is designed to be accessible and easy to use with a screenreader if you are blind or vision impared.

Use VoiceOver or TalkBack screenreader

Banking you can see

Rich colour contrast makes the screen easier to see whether you are colour blind, have age related vision loss or are using your device in bright or dim light

Print too small? You can adjust the size of the print in the app or magnify the screen using your devices accessibility settings.

Adjust the print size
Magnify your screen

Banking you can touch

Large buttons are easy to see and touch, whether you are using one hand, have a tremor or are worried about accidentally hitting the wrong button.

A simple swipe is all that’s needed to complete a transfer or payment.

Banking you can understand

A searchable help system gives you relevant, easy to understand information when you need it.

You can set up alerts to send you messages when certain important activities happen on your account.

Build it right for everyone

The app was built to conform with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA and is optimized for device-specific assistive technology built into iOS or Android devices.

We welcome your feedback on accessibility

When it comes to meeting the accessibility needs of our customers, we’re always looking to improve. Whether we’re doing something you like, or if there’s something you think we can do better, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us by email.

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