Cybersecurity and fraud hub

Learn more about how Scotiabank protects you and how to keep your personal and financial information safe online.

Investment / cryptocurrency scams

Cryptocurrency scams may appear to be good investment opportunities with promises of high returns,

but they often result in losing all your money.

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Security takes preparation

Welcome to the Scotiabank security and fraud hub. Here you can learn more about cybersecurity and fraud prevention best practices, the latest threats to look out for, and what you can do to protect yourself, your family, and your business from fraud and cybercrime.    

Remember, by working together, you can help to protect your financial and personal account information.

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Common scams

Take a look at the most common scams that cybercriminals use to steal both your money and your personal information.

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How Scotiabank protects you

Learn how Scotiabank protects your finances and personal information and what you can do to help support us with fraud prevention.

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Protecting yourself and your family

Learn more about cybersecurity and fraud prevention best practices and how to protect yourself and your family from fraud and cyber attacks.

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Protecting your business

Explore strategies for protecting your business from cyber threats and information theft and see how to best share that information with your employees. 

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Fraud simulation activities

Think you can spot a scam? Test your ability to recognize red flags in phishing emails and other types of cyber attacks with our fraud simulation activities.

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Additional resources

Check out these additional resources to assist and support you through your security journey, featuring downloadable PDFs, relevant contact information, and a fraud hub glossary. 

Frequently asked questions 

Visit the Additional Resources page for more frequently asked questions and answers. 

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