Scotiabank Archives

The Scotiabank Archives and Information Management (AIM) office was established as a department in 1967, by the Chief General Manager of The Bank of Nova Scotia, to formalize the collection of business records that had accumulated from The Bank’s beginnings in 1832.  As one of the early corporate archives in Canada, AIM is an innovator in the corporate cultural heritage community and provide program development advice to similar organizations.

This site has been created to give viewers a glimpse of Scotiabank’s archival collection, get information about our program and learn about our history.

Scotiabank Timeline

Explore Scotiabank’s history through an interactive timeline.

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Pieces of History

Enjoy putting together a selection of digital jigsaw puzzles while getting to know some of the unique and interesting items from Scotiabank’s collections.

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Collections Corner

Explore some of the unique items in Scotiabank’s collections.

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The Great War Memorial Tablets

Honouring The Bank of Nova Scotia, the Bank of Ottawa and National Trust Company Veterans of World War I.

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For Those Who Served

Scotiabank pays tribute to and recognizes the men and women of the Bank and its amalgamated companies that served in the major conflicts of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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The Scotiabank Story

Learn about our journey of how we have grown from a small coffee shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia to a leading bank in the Americas. 

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Breaking the Barriers

The financial sector since its inception has been dominated by men. Reflecting the social and economic realities of the time, The Bank of Nova Scotia was founded in the nineteenth century by men of vision.

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Donating Records

We are always looking for new donations to add to our Collection of the Scotiabank experience.   

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