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Responsibility & impact on the world around us

As a leading Bank in the Americas, we recognize that we have an impact on the world around us. We use our influence, knowledge and our partnerships to help address large-scale issues that face our communities and the world at large – advancing greater economic, social and environmental progress for all.

Our ESG Strategy: Environmental Action, Economic Resilience, Inclusive Society, Leadership and Governance. Impact On the World Around Us, With our Customers and In our operations.

What follows are a few examples of how we are creating impact on the world around us.

Investing in Communities through ScotiaRISE

Healthy, resilient communities are an essential part of a strong economic and social fabric. When communities thrive, individuals, families and businesses – including ours – are better positioned for sustained success.

ScotiaRISE is Scotiabank’s commitment to invest $500 million by 2030 to advance economic resilience in the communities across our global footprint. We leverage impactful community partnerships and programs focused on removing barriers to advancement and increasing access to opportunities. By increasing high school graduation and post-secondary participation, helping newcomers feel at home faster and removing barriers to career advancement for disadvantaged groups, ScotiaRISE is helping communities and our Bank better prepare for every future.

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Looking for funding?

Scotiabank funds select community investment initiatives that align with our goals.

The Global Conversation on Climate Change

Climate change is affecting communities, natural systems and economies around the world. Achieving the goals outlined by the Paris Agreement and advancing economic resilience to climate change will require extensive collaboration between governments, businesses and the financial community.

To facilitate internal and external collaboration, promote information sharing and participate in the global dialogue about climate change, we established the Scotiabank Climate Change Centre of Excellence as part of our Climate Commitments. By hosting conferences, workshops and roundtable events, and publishing research and white papers we intend to contribute to the global dialogue on climate change and encourage collaboration and action.

Scotiabank Climate Change Centre of Excellence

Respecting and Promoting Human Rights

Respect for human rights is fundamental to the way Scotiabank operates, and is part of our core values across all of our business activities. In 2016, we became the first Canadian bank to adopt its own Human Rights Statement at the highest level of our organization. This Statement, and our approach to fulfilling our commitment to respect human rights is uniquely our own.

Since then, we have continued to refine and update the Statement, as we recognize that our commitment to human rights is an evolving process.

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Our Approach to ESG

We focus on impact in four key areas – Environmental Action, Economic Resilience, Inclusive Society and Leadership & Governance.

Impact stories

plant and coins

Scotiabank names Head of Inclusion and Resilience Economics

In this new role, Rebekah Young will take holistic approach to issues driven by rapid economic and social change

Child with computer hiding eyes

Infographic: Year One of ScotiaRISE

A closer look at the impact in the first year of the Bank's initiative which aims to foster economic resilience in disadvantaged groups

plant and coins

Sustainable finance takes note of biodiversity risks and opportunities

Directing much-needed capital to initiatives that put our planet’s biodiversity front and centre.

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