In its first year of operation, ScotiaRISE, Scotiabank’s 10-year, $500-million initiative to support economic resilience in disadvantaged groups, has helped to make an impact at a time of need.

Here's a closer look at the numbers:

ScotiaRISE infographic

To learn how Scotiabank realigned its commitment to support economic resilience in disadvantaged communities read, One year in and ScotiaRISE is already making an impact in times of need


Text version of infographic:

Year One of ScotiaRISE
$26 million total FY2021 investment
$23.1 million total cash investment

  • Canada $19.6 million
  • International $3.5 million

358K+ instances where an individual or group received support, training, and/or resources through a program enabled by ScotiaRISE

How our investments helped:

+22,000 individuals benefited from acts of allyship, cross-cultural training and anti-bias or inclusion programming
+73,000 people were provided with mentorships
+50,000 people were provided financial education and support

People provided access to:
103,600+ food and water
2,000+ health and medical care
480+ shelter