Global Sponsorship at Scotiabank

Scotiabank supports sponsorship initiatives that reach across the arts, hockey, football and golf landscapes.

See how we support communities across Canada

We recognize the importance of access to opportunities that enrich Canadian communities. By helping Canadians across the country bring their passions to life, we believe we're all richer. That's why we prioritize our support of hockey, the arts, football and many other community initiatives that celebrate our unique passions and embrace our diversity.

Hockey Sponsorships

Through our professional and grassroots partnerships, we’re working to make hockey more financially and culturally accessible to all.

Arts & Culture Sponsorships

We believe in supporting the arts because artists have a unique lens on life. When storytellers shed light on new perspectives, they inspire us all to think bigger together.

Football Sponsorships

We believe in building more inclusive communities through football (soccer), inspiring positive futures and ensuring that everyone is welcome on the field.

Golf Sponsorships

We partner with top golf properties in the Americas to provide premium experiences for our clients.


Hockey for All

Through our sponsorships, partnerships and programs, Scotiabank is committed to making the sport more inclusive and accessible for all Canadians.

Girls Hockey Fest

Scotiabank Girls HockeyFest is a free half-day hockey clinic focused on creating a positive hockey experience for young women and girls across Canada.

The Hockey Jersey

Most children’s hockey books don’t feature players of colour. That’s why we created The Hockey Jersey: A new hockey story to inspire the next generation.