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Responsibility & impact with our customers

Financial services play an important role in enabling a better future. We advance social, environmental and economic progress by serving the needs of our customers and clients. We offer products, services and advice that create opportunity and economic advancement. We promote economic inclusion and financial literacy across our footprint. And we offer sustainable solutions that drive economic growth while upholding environmental protection.

Our ESG Strategy: Environmental Action, Economic Resilience, Inclusive Society, Leadership and Governance. Impact On the World Around Us, With our Customers and In our operations.

What follows are a few examples of how we are creating impact with our customers.

Mobilizing $350 Billion to Address Climate Change

Our commitment to mobilize $350 billion by 2030 to address climate change includes lending, investing, financing and advisory that reduce the impacts of climate change. Examples include (but are not limited to) renewable energy, energy efficiency, emissions reduction, sustainable transportation and infrastructure resilience. 

Scotiabank’s Sustainable Finance Team within our Global Banking and Markets division is one of many groups across the Bank that is helping enact our commitment. The team provides advice and solutions that advance climate transition and promote sustainable economic growth to corporate, financial, public sector and institutional clients around the world. Their work embodies the opportunity we see: we can work in the interest of the Bank and our clients while helping accelerate sustainable growth.

Learn moreLearn more about our climate commitments

Supporting Women-owned, Women-led Businesses

The Scotiabank Women Initiative™ is a comprehensive program that supports women-owned, women-led businesses through three pillars: Access to Capital, Mentorship and Education. These program pillars address the many challenges women face on their path to success when starting, sustaining and growing a business.

Scotiabank Women’s Initiative

Indigenous Financial Services

There are approximately 1.67 million people in Canada who identify as Indigenous (Inuit, First Nations, Métis). Advancing social and economic progress for these people demands that we understand and demonstrate respect for our Indigenous partners so that we can work alongside them to accomplish their goals.

Decades ago, Scotiabank became the first Canadian bank to open a branch on a reserve – signifying the Bank’s desire to work with Indigenous communities and businesses on their traditional lands. Today we operate 27 Indigenous Banking Centres across Canada – including four on reserves – that provide Indigenous communities and businesses with a full range of banking services. These centres remain dedicated to cultural awareness and attend to the unique needs of Indigenous communities, businesses and individuals.

See Services for Indigenous Peoples

Protecting Our Customers’ Data

Complying with privacy regulations and effectively managing privacy risk is fundamental to the well-being of our customers and the success of our Bank. Our customers trust us to protect their personal information and their trust enables us to advance opportunity and progress for everyone.

Scotiabank maintains a Privacy Commitment that formalizes the principles of our approach to using personal information responsibly and keeping it safe. With this formal commitment in place, we continuously work to strengthen our internal culture of privacy protection and the principles, policies and procedures that form our global approach to managing privacy risks, ensuring regulatory compliance fostering and maintaining our customers’ trust.

See our Privacy Commitment

Using Our Customers’ Data Responsibly 

As a company built on trust, we have a responsibility to our customers to use their data in a respectful way, and for their benefit. This means going beyond what is required by laws and regulations and acting with due diligence in all our interactions with our customers’ data. 

Scotiabank’s Data Ethics Commitment provides guidelines to ensure data is accessed and used in a useful, adaptable, accountable, transparent, respectful, and safe manner, to ensure that outcomes are fair, transparent, and in the best interest of our customers and the communities that we serve.

See our Data Ethics Commitment

Our Approach to ESG

We focus on impact in four key areas – Environmental Action, Economic Resilience, Inclusive Society and Leadership & Governance.

Impact stories

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Infographic: Year One of ScotiaRISE

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Sustainable finance takes note of biodiversity risks and opportunities

Directing much-needed capital to initiatives that put our planet’s biodiversity front and centre.

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