Funding Guidelines and Application

ScotiaRISE is our 10-year, $500 million initiative to promote economic resilience among disadvantaged groups. By working together to remove barriers to advancement and increase access to opportunities, we can create a more inclusive and resilient world for everyone. And for every future.

Funding guidelines

Scotiabank will consider funding for:

  • Organizations that are either registered charities or non-profit organizations in their jurisdictions
  • Organizations that operate in countries where Scotiabank does business
  • Organizations with a sustained record of achievement
  • Programs that have measurable impact

Scotiabank does not fund:

  • Individuals and/or individual pursuits
  • Service/Private clubs and organizations (unless it is a Registered Charity, and the program is open to everyone)
  • Sports teams (unless funding is pursuant to a Scotiabank local support program)
  • Religious organizations unless the program being funded:
    • is open to all, regardless of faith, race, or sexual orientation
    • will not incorporate religious teachings or participation in religious services/rites
  • Political organizations, including political parties, campaigns, advocacy or lobby groups
  • Private foundations and corporate foundations
  • Private schools (private, charter or independent, fee-based schools), and public pre-schools, elementary or secondary schools
  • Individual member agencies of federated appeals (e.g. United Way) unless not otherwise supported by Scotiabank’s annual fundraising campaign or corporate commitment
  • Charitable Organizations with which Scotiabank is already in a pledge position

Your application must include:

  • A brief description of the organization, including goals and achievements
  • A full description of the project for which you are requesting funding, including budget, expected outcome, benefits to end users, defined metrics and recognition plan
  • Complete list of Board of Directors, Executive Management and Campaign Cabinet if applicable
  • Current financial statements

Our review process:

  • Applications are reviewed throughout the year
  • Requests will be assessed based on your strategic alignment to our focus areas, employee engagement opportunities, financial health, governance and intended social impact
  • Depending on the funding requested, review may include regional as well as national committee review
  • Please allow at least 90 days for a response

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ScotiaRISE is a 10-year, $500 million community investment initiative designed to promote economic resilience among disadvantaged groups. 

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