Climate Change Centre of Excellence

We believe climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. This challenge requires global mobilization, collaboration and understanding.

The Scotiabank Climate Change Centre of Excellence aims to contribute to the global dialogue on climate change, building a better world for everyone, and for every future.

Our focus areas

Collaboration and Partnerships


Working with multiple stakeholder groups to tackle system-wide change.

Information and Knowledge


Sharing information and knowledge through events, training sessions or conferences.

Resources and Publications


Resources and publications to showcase our thought leadership both internally and externally.

Our Progress

See how Scotiabank is enacting our five Climate Commitments to address climate change.

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Scotiabank The Edge of Energy Podcast

The Edge of Energy Ep. 2: Transportation and it’s Most Important Passenger: Clean Energy.


With transportation being one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, we need to put our foot on the gas when headed to a cleaner mobile future. From electric vehicles to hyperloop transportation, experts discuss our transition future.

Scotiabank The Edge of Energy Podcast

The Edge of Energy Ep. 1: What exactly is the energy transition and why is it important?


Scotiabank’s Chief Economist JF Perrault and Merran Smith, Founder and Executive Director of Clean Energy Canada discuss Canada’s energy transition.

Scotiabank The Edge of Energy Podcast

Scotiabank and the Walrus Labs launch new podcast on the energy transition


The Edge of Energy podcast is presented by Scotiabank, produced by the Walrus Lab, discussing the energy transition and the climate crisis.

plant and coins

Scotiabank commits $1.25 million to the Institute of Sustainable Finance


This partnership is part of the Bank’s commitment to advancing sustainable finance in Canada and contributing to the global conversation on climate change.

plant in jar with coins

Pandemic ushers in wave of demand for COVID-related bonds


Demand for social, green bonds 'not a fad' say co-leads of new Scotiabank Sustainable Finance Group.

Hands holding lightbulb and plant

Canada’s transition angle to the Great Taxonomy Debate


Scotiabank's Director of Sustainable Finance Jason Taylor writes that the framework being designed would encourage sectors to angle toward a low-carbon economy.

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