Climate Change Centre of Excellence 

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. This website aims to contribute to the global dialogue, and to help build a better world for every future.


In order to help advance an orderly transition to a net-zero future across our global footprint, Scotiabank is committed to working with other partners, both within and outside of the bank. We’re collaborating with our clients to support their decarbonization efforts, with government and regulators to align with new policies, and with our peers to share best practices, while we chart our own net-zero course.

Research and partnerships 

We’re working with multiple stakeholder groups to support research and to advance the net-zero transition.

Innovative solutions 

Research institutions and innovators will be central to the technological breakthroughs needed to pursue the emerging pathways to a net-zero economy.

Greener communities  

Supporting our customers and communities as they make more sustainable choices. 

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Partner: Institute for Sustainable Finance

Scotiabank supports the Institute for Sustainable Finance (ISF), a multi-stakeholder collaboration hub at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. It is the first multi-disciplinary and collaborative hub in Canada that brings together academia, the private sector, and government with the singular focus of increasing Canada’s sustainable finance capacity. Visit the following links to access ISF webinars:
•    What in the world is a sustainable finance taxonomy?
•    Demystifying Canada’s Taxonomy Roadmap Report
•    Consistent climate reporting and net-zero planning coming for Corporate Canada, but not here yet: ISF report

Multi-year partnerships

We support several multi-year partnerships to advance systems change and decarbonization, including:

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Impact Stories 

Helping homeowners find their own path to lower emissions

Scotiabank has partnered with Lightspark to help homeowners understand their home’s carbon emissions, giving them options to reduce them in the most cost-effective way possible.

Partnering with Bike Share Toronto

Scotiabank’s partnership with Bike Share Toronto will help Toronto achieve its Transform TO Net-Zero Strategy objectives.

A beginner’s guide to electric cars 

By 2035, Canada will require all new cars sold to be zero-emission. That may seem like a long way off, but the transition to electric vehicles (or EVs) has already begun. Hear all you need to know about EVs from Scotiabank’s partner, Plug’n Drive.

Download our ESG report 

Learn how Scotiabank is working to build a more sustainable future for our stakeholders, our country and the world.