Climate Change Centre of Excellence 

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. This website aims to contribute to the global dialogue, and to help build a better world for every future.

Climate change: a global responsibility and opportunity

As a leading international bank, we have both a responsibility and an opportunity to support our employees, clients and the communities we serve as we transition to a low-carbon economy.

Areas of Focus


Scotiabank has committed to becoming a net-zero bank by 2050, with interim targets for 2030, and we are working with our clients to understand and support their emissions reduction plans and will also work with businesses we finance to help reduce their emissions.


We’re working with multiple stakeholder groups, both within and outside the bank, to tackle system-wide change. 


Learn how we are working with clients and research institutions to help drive the transition to a net-zero future.

Scotiabank’s Climate Commitments 

To help make the transition to a net-zero future, we have made five Climate Commitments, and we’re tracking our progress.

Featured articles & news 

How Friendlier takeout containers can help cut down on plastic waste

With Canada's new ban on some single-use plastics, Scotiabank is implementing a pilot project for reusable takeout containers at its downtown headquarters.

Eight new families to compete in Live Net Zero challenge this September

Previous winner of the Canadian Geographic competition, in which families cut greenhouse gas emissions for a chance to win $50,000, shares what they learned.

ESG Talks: Climate Edition – ESG with purpose.

Delivering both profit and purpose is key in to a successful business. Listen to our interview with Alex Edmans, Academic Director of the Centre for Corporate Governance, as he speaks about how businesses and the financial industry can benefit society while satisfying the demands of shareholders.

Download our ESG report 

Learn how Scotiabank is working to build a more sustainable future for our stakeholders, our country and the world.