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The following resources are here to assist and support you throughout your security journey. 

Downloadable resources 

We’ve collected all the downloadable resources you can find within our Security and Fraud Hub here. 

Canadian Bankers Association

The Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) is the voice of more than 60 domestic and foreign banks that help drive Canada’s economic growth and prosperity. Scotiabank has worked closely with the CBA, other Canadian banks, regulators, law enforcement, and all levels of government to share best practices and to address the growing challenges posed by cyber crime.

The CBA has many articles on how to recognize online threats. Visit the CBA website to learn more about how you can protect yourself, your family, and your business from cyber threats. 

Scotiabank Responsible Disclosure Program

Scotiabank recognizes the important role the security research community plays in helping protect the bank from cyber threats. The Scotiabank Responsible Disclosure Program (SRDP) provides the security research community a channel to communicate directly with Scotiabank to identify rare but possible vulnerabilities as we all work to maintain the security of the Scotiabank network (systems and data).

Reporting a vulnerability

Please report all perceived vulnerabilities by email to Scotiabank will acknowledge your email with an automatic reply and contact you as required once we review your findings. We appreciate all reports, but we may not be able to share specific investigative steps or resolutions with you. For more information and for guidelines on reporting, visit our Scotiabank Responsible Disclosure page

Helpful resources 

For additional information on cybersecurity and fraud prevention best practices, please visit these Canadian government websites. 


Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC)

Visit the CAFC website to learn more about fraud and identity theft and both past and current scams affecting Canadians.

Cyber Centre logo

Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity (Cyber Centre)

As Canada’s authority on cyber security, the Cyber Centre offers access to expert advice, guidance, services, and support to mitigate and respond to cyber security events. 

Get Cyber Safe logo

Get Cyber Safe

Learn more about cyber security and the simple steps you can take to protect yourself online with Get Cyber Safe, Canada’s national public awareness campaign. 


These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are here to help you on your security journey.


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