Fraud simulation activities

Are you prepared to protect yourself from some of the most common types of scams? 

Test your skills using our fraud simulation activities to see if you can fend off a range of potential scams.

Laptop with warning sign beside it

Fake website


Test your ability to spot a fake website or online store designed to steal your information and money. 

 icon of a heart

Romance scam


Think you can spot a romance scammer who’s trying to break your heart and empty your bank account? Test your skills!


Job scam


Practice spotting a job fraudster who’s making you an offer that’s too good to be true.

Phone icon

Phone fraud


Put your security skills to practice and see if you can spot a scammer who’s calling you with a fraudulent request.

Phishing icon

Phishing scam


Can you spot the oldest trick in the book? Check out these emails to identify which is the scam.

Email icon

Business email fraud


Test your and your employees’ ability to spot the increasingly common business email compromise scam, also known as “spear phishing.”

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