Scotia Fraud Alerts

Get real-time, 24/7 fraud alerts, at no additional cost with your ScotiaCard® Visa* debit card and Scotiabank Visa* credit card.


Scotia Fraud Alerts notify you immediately if there’s a transaction on your account that’s unusual for you.

We’ll check in to make sure that an authorized person is making the purchase and offer you the right assistance. The alerts happen in real-time and can be resolved quickly, 24/7.

Scotia Fraud Alerts are an important tool in fraud prevention and are available at no additional cost for all personal and small business ScotiaCard® Visa* debit cards and Scotiabank Visa* credit cards. If you have one of these products, you are automatically enrolled.

To benefit from Scotia Fraud Alerts, please take a moment to review your contact information and make sure it’s up to date. You can sign in to mobile or online banking, call us at 1-800-4SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842), or visit a branch.

What are the benefits? 

Security & confidence

We’ll alert you of any unusual account activity, so you don’t have to worry about fraudulent purchases on your credit or debit card.

Fast & easy

Scotia Fraud Alerts happen in real-time, and transactions can be blocked or unblocked instantly.

Prevention & control

Scotia Fraud Alerts allow us to take charge of account security together, stopping fraud before it happens.

How do alerts work? 

To help keep your money safe, we monitor customer accounts and regular debit and credit card activity. If we notice an unusual transaction on your account based on your typical activity, we’ll block it and immediately text, email, or call you to confirm the purchase.

If you verify the transaction, you can continue with the purchase. If you let us know the purchase attempt is fraudulent, we’ll stop that transaction from going through and investigate further.

In the case of fraud, we will need to speak with you as soon as possible to make sure your other accounts aren’t affected and to help you continue banking smoothly.

Alerts will always include:

  • The last four digits of your account number
  • Merchant name
  • The transaction amount


Scotia Fraud Alert text messages will always be sent from the number 267373. Please respond with Y if it’s an authorized purchase or N if the purchase is not authorized.


Scotia Fraud Alert email notifications will always come from the following email address:


You may also receive an automated phone call to verify the transaction if we can’t reach you by text or email. You will need to confirm your identity, so please follow the prompts using your phone’s keypad.

Key reminders:

  • Scotiabank will never ask for personal or financial information like account numbers, PINs, or passwords through email or text message

  • Scotia Fraud Alerts will never ask you to click any links

  • If you get a call or text from a different number or an email from a different address pretending to be a Scotia Fraud Alert, do not respond; instead, please forward the information to

  • While Scotia Fraud Alerts are an important tool in online fraud prevention, you should still review your account transactions and statements regularly to spot charges you don’t recognize and report any suspicious transactions to us

Frequently Asked Questions

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