Loans & Lines of Credit

Choose a borrowing solution that’s right for you


StartRight Auto Finance Program

Qualify for a loan with no Canadian credit history

Take up to 5 years (60 months) to pay back your loan


Auto Loan

Scotiabank is the #1 choice for vehicle financing in Canada.

Get up to $200,000 for your next vehicle.


EcoLiving Auto Loan

Buy a new electric, hybrid or diesel vehicle you could be eligible for a government rebate towards the purchase of a qualified vehicle.


Grad Auto Loan

Buy a car up to 90 days before you start a full-time job.

Skip the down payment with 100% financing.


Marine and Boat Loan

Buy a new boat or used sailboat or power boat of any age.

Take your time to pay off the loan – up to 20 years.


Motorcycle & Leisure Vehicle Loan

Buy a new motorcycle, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), quad, snowmobile, personal watercraft (PWC) or other leisure vehicle.

Or buy a used motorcycle or leisure vehicle that’s up to 5 years old.


Scotia Plan® Loan

Use your loan for anything you want.

Take up to 5 years to pay it back.

Save with a great fixed or variable interest rate.


Recreational Vehicle Loan (RV)

Scotiabank is the #1 choice for dealership financing.

$200,000 for your next RV

Lines of Credit

Scotia RSP Catch-Up® Line of Credit

Get a preferred lending rate and invest in an RSP for your future.

Make regular contributions to your RSP.

Pay no interest until you use your line of credit.

Lines of Credit

Scotia Total Equity® Plan

Secured borrowing rates.

Apply just once to secure your overall borrowing limit ScotiaLine® Personal Line of Credit - Low rates with payment options available.

Lines of Credit

ScotiaLine® Personal Line of Credit

Combines high credit limits and very competitive rates.

Minimum payments could be as low as interest only.

Lines of Credit

ScotiaLine® Personal Line of Credit for Students

Deferred principal payments. 

Make interest-only payments while you're still in school.

How borrowing works

When you borrow money, you agree to pay it back with interest over time. With a loan, you know it will be paid off over a specific period of time with fixed payments. With a line of credit, you have the flexibility to repay as much as you want or as little as interest only every month.

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