Investment tools

Let us help you make the right financial decisions. Our interactive tools can help with RRSP decision-making, retirement income planning, budgeting, and choosing appropriate investments and more.

Tools for retirement planning

Retirement Savings Calculator

Find out how well your current savings and future contributions can provide for your retirement and learn how to address potential shortfalls.

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RIF/LIF/LRIF Illustrator

Compare payment options for your Registered Retirement Income Fund or Locked-In Plan and create a detailed report (or schedule).

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Tools for saving for a child’s education

RESP Reality Check

Estimate how much you'll need to fund your child's post-secondary education.

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Tools for Investment Options

TFSA Calculator

Compare future taxable investments versus investments in a TFSA, to see potential tax savings.

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Scotia iTRADE Sustainable Investing Tool

Generate investing ideas that align with your principles of social and environmental responsibility.

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Tools to Increase Savings

Pay yourself first

See how easy it is to reach your savings goals through regular and automatic savings.

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Money Finder

See where your money goes to help control your spending.

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