Making your home even better

Whether you're installing built-in shelving, remodelling your kitchen, or gutting your house and starting from scratch – renovations are challenging. We can help with videos, tips and financial advice that can make your dream home happen faster. Plus, we can show you how to use your home equity to make your dream home a reality. When you're ready, contact a Scotiabank advisor.

Suggested Tools

Unlock your equity with STEP

Use the Scotia Total Equity Plan to tap into your home equity. You’ll save with lower rates and get the funds you need to reach your goals.

Home energy savings calculator

Discover easy upgrades, and simple ideas to save money and make your home greener.

Suggested Video

Be a STEP Ahead with the Scotia Total Equity Plan!

Did you know that your home can work for you? Let us show you how the Scotia Total Equity Plan helps you be a STEP ahead in achieving your goals sooner!


Financing your home renovations

From Scotiabank credit cards to lines of credit to home equity loans – you can find financing options that suit any size renovation.

Eco-friendly home renovations

Discover a range of ideas, resources and financing options to help you make your home greener.

Financing Options




  • You want more control over your borrowing by leveraging the equity in your home
  • You want to take advantage of various mortgage options
Secured ScotiaLine


Line of Credit

  • Combines high credit limits and very competitive rates

  • Use ScotiaLine cheques to transfer balances or pay for large purchases

Unsecured ScotiaLine


Line of Credit

  • You want access to money whenever and wherever you need it

  • You want a personal line of credit that fits in your wallet