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Whether you want to move into a bigger home, reduce or refinance your mortgage or use your home equity to borrow and save, you'll find a range of articles, advice, tips and tools that can help make it happen. When you're ready, contact a Scotiabank advisor.

Suggested Tools

Mortgage prepayment calculator

Find out what your mortgage prerepayment charge will be, so you can be mortgage-free faster.

Unlock your equity with STEP

The Scotia Total Equity Plan (STEP) allows you to tap into your home equity. You'll save with lower rates and get the funds you need to reach your goals. Use the Scotia Total Equity Plan Calculator to see how Scotiabank can help you be a STEP ahead.

Mortgage calculator

Find out what your mortgage payments will be, so you can ensure your mortgage fits your budget.

What can I afford?

Discover just how much you can spend before you start house hunting.

Videos for Homeowners

Be a STEP Ahead with the Scotia Total Equity Plan!

Did you know that your home can work for you? Let us show you how the Scotia Total Equity Plan helps you be a STEP ahead in achieving your goals sooner!

Scotiabank Be Mortgage-Free Faster - Whiteboard

Own a home, not a mortgage. Let us show you how you can become mortgage-free faster with just a few small changes that won't require major changes to your life style.

Articles for Homeowners

Own a home, not a mortgage

Discover easy ways to cut years off your mortgage without feeling the pinch.

Switching your mortgage to Scotiabank

6 smart questions to ask before you renew your mortgage.

Mortgage Options




  • You want more control over your borrowing by leveraging the equity in your home
  • You want to take advantage of various mortgage options
Switch to Scotiabank



  • You want a hassle-free way to transfer your mortgage to Scotiabank

Scotia Flex Value – Closed Term



  • Low rate and low payment fluctuating with Scotiabank prime rate

  • Option to convert to a fixed rate mortgage with no prepayment charges

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