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Credit Card fees

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Effective August 1, 2019, unless otherwise indicated.

Transaction fees
Dishonoured payment fee $48.00
Non-sufficient funds fee $48.00
Replacement sales draft, cash advance draft or monthly statement fee $5.00
Overlimit fee $29.00
Inactive fee¹ $10.00
Foreign currency conversion² 2.5%
Balance transfer fee (for transfers to Scotiabank accounts or to non-financial institutions) $3.50
Cash advance counter fee (any financial institution in Canada) $3.50
Cash advance counter fee (financial institutions outside of Canada) $7.50
Cash advance fee (including cash-like transactions)3 $4.00
Scotia Credit Card Cheque fee $3.50
Promotional low rate fee4
3% of each transaction amount (min. fee of $3.50)
Fast Card fee5
Credit Balance Administration fee6
The lesser of $25.00 or the amount of credit balance.
ABM fees
Cash advance ABM fee (any Scotiabank ABM in Canada) $3.50
Cash advance ABM fee (non-Scotiabank ABMs in Canada) $3.50
Cash advance ABM fee (ABMs outside of Canada) $7.50
Cash advance ABM fee (Global ATM Alliance Bank ABM outside of Canada)

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