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All rates, fees, and other information are subject to change. Effective as of April 1, 2021, unless otherwise indicated. 

Transaction fees

  Current transaction fees
Dishonoured payment fee $48.00
Non-sufficient funds fee $48.00
Replacement sales draft, cash advance draft or monthly statement fee $5.00
Overlimit fee $29.00
Foreign currency conversion1 2.5%
Balance transfer fee (for transfers to Scotiabank accounts or to non-financial institutions) $5.00
Cash advance counter fee (any financial institution in Canada) $5.00
Cash advance counter fee (financial institutions outside of Canada) $7.50
Cash advance fee (including cash-like transactions)2 $5.00
Scotia Credit Card Cheque fee $5.00
Promotional low rate fee3
3% of each transaction amount (min. fee of $5.00)
Fast Card fee4
Credit Balance Administration fee5
The lesser of $25.00 or the amount of credit balance.

ABM fees

  Current ABM fees
Cash advance ABM fee (any Scotiabank ABM in Canada) $5.00
Cash advance ABM fee (non-Scotiabank ABMs in Canada) $5.00
Cash advance ABM fee (ABMs outside of Canada) $7.50
Cash advance ABM fee (Global ATM Alliance Bank ABM outside of Canada)

Scotia SelectPayTM

A new, flexible way to pay off your eligible Scotiabank Visa* credit card purchases of $100 or more, with no interest rate on your plan and a low fee.§

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Get a card that rewards your lifestyle —  whether that’s travelling the world, sporting the latest tech, or redeeming for your favourite gift cards.

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Turn points into rewards you actually want – from travel to gift cards to cash back credits. 

No annual fee credit cards

Instead of paying that annual fee, you keep the extra cash and decide where it goes.

Low interest credit cards

If you typically carry a credit card balance, this card will help you save money on interest payments. 

Scotiabank® U.S. Dollar VISA* Card


Worry-free U.S. Dollar purchases with no currency conversion fee.
(Fees charged in USD)


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