Scotia Smart Money by Advice+

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Scotia Smart Money by Advice+
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Do you know how much you spend on take-out every month, sometimes overlook paying a bill, or could you just use a little more help managing your finances?  If so, a smart tool that keeps track of what your money is up to and analyzes your spending habits might be just what you’re looking for!

Scotia Smart Money by Advice+ is a set of money management features in the Scotiabank mobile app that gives you personalized insights, advice1, and more control over your money. Best of all – you’ll also have the features you need to build and manage your budget effectively. 

Scotia Smart Money is a free tool available to eligible personal banking customers on the latest version of the Scotia Mobile app2.

Why use Scotia Smart Money?

Scotia Smart Money gives you access to money management features all in one place. No matter what expenses pop up this month, these smart features make keeping track of your money easier.


Personalized insights that will help keep you informed about your money. We will keep you up to date on your expenditures, bill payments and transaction data, so you can keep track of your money more easily, and control where it goes.

Cashflow management

Cash flow is the movement of money in and out of your accounts. The cash flow feature provides you with a full picture of your account deposits, withdrawals and categorizes them each month.

Everyone wants more money coming in than going out, this smart tool aims to help achieve that!


The budget feature tracks your spending and tells you how you’re doing on a monthly basis against budget targets you set up.

The optional reminders and notifications will also help you track your spending habits more efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please type your question in our Help Centre.

How to start using Scotia Smart Money

How do I start using the cashflow feature?

To use the cashflow feature:

  • From the app’s home screen, tap Advice+
  • Select Cashflow
  • Choose a particular account or All accounts
  • View the totals for money in / money out and compare different months

Cashflow is the total amount of money being transferred in and out of your accounts.

If your cashflow is positive, it means you have more money coming in than going out that month. If your cashflow is negative, it means that more money left your accounts than came in that month.

You may see a negative cashflow in Scotia Smart Money because you transferred money to an account outside of Scotiabank. That’s probably okay, it just means you need to keep track of that money separately.

Maximize the way you manage your money with Scotia Smart Money by Advice+

Tap on Advice+ in the Scotia mobile app today.

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