Reward yourself more often with a Scene+TM* Student Banking Bundle

Earn $75 plus up to 7,500 Scene+ points when you bundle your banking.

Student Banking Advantage Plan

(Gives you $75 welcome bonus)


SCENE Visa Card

(Gives you 1,250 points)    



MomentumPLUS Savings Account  

(Gives you 1,250 points)    


Earn $75 plus up to 7,500 Scene+ points

(Includes 5,000 more points for bundling all 3 products)

The Scotiabank Scene+ Student Banking Bundle – there’s no faster way to earn Scene+ points! Get the Scene+ Student Banking Bundle and get $75 plus up to 7,500 Scene+ points.

Here’s the equation to get you there—by July 31st, 2022 do the following:

  1. Open a Student Banking Advantage® Plan account with an eligible automated recurring direct deposit, such as payroll, or at least two eligible pre-authorized transactions for a minimum of $25 per transaction, which will recur monthly for a minimum of three consecutive months – earn a $75 welcome bonus
  2. Add a SCENE Visa* Credit Card – get 1,250 points with first purchase
  3. Combine the products above with a MomentumPLUS Savings Account – get 1,250 points
  4. And by completing all of the above – get 5,000 bonus points

Additional terms and conditions apply.

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PLUS, continue earning Scene+ points on every purchase with the Scene+ Debit Card and SCENE Visa* Card.

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