Reward yourself more often with a SCENE®* Student Banking Bundle


Earn up to 12,500 SCENE points when you bundle your banking.

Student Banking Advantage Plan

(Gives you 5,000 points)   


SCENE Visa Card

(Gives you 1,250 points)    



MomentumPLUS Savings Account  

(Gives you 1,250 points)    


Earn up to 12,500 more SCENE points

Includes 5,000 more points for bundling all 3 products.

The Scotiabank SCENE student banking bundle - there’s no faster way to earn SCENE points! Get the SCENE student banking bundle and get up to 12,500 SCENE points.

A SCENE Student Banking Bundle consists of:

PLUS, continue earning SCENE points on every purchase with the SCENE     Debit Card and SCENE®*Visa* Card.

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