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GIC rates

For personal accounts

Special GIC Rates1


On a 24 month term
(annual rate)

Personal Redeemable GICs, 3.30%1


On a 3-year term
(annual rate)

Non Redeemable GICs, 4.20%1


On a 4-year term
(annual rate)

Non Redeemable GICs, 4.50%1

5.00%** up to 50.00%

Over a 5-year term; not an annual rate

Market Linked GIC - Scotiabank Canadian Utilities, 5.00%** up to 50.00%†

For Preferred Package* and Ultimate Package** Customers (Interest is shown compounded and paid annually).

Term Preferred Package Customer  Ultimate Package Customer 
3 years 4.3500% 4.4500%
Term Customers without Preferred/Ultimate Package
3 year 1.80%

Find more information about the Preferred Package.
** Find more information about the Ultimate Package.

(Non-Registered:Annual, Semi-Annual Minimum $500 / Monthly Minimum $5,000, RRSPs/RRIFs: Minimum $500)

(Non-Registered: Minimum $5,000, 30 days, RRSPs/RRIFs: Minimum $500, 90 days)

(All plans: Minimum $500, Interest paid at maturity)

(RRSP: Minimum $500, Non-Registered: Minimum $500) Current Annual Interest Rate Paid at Maturity

Scotiabank Equity Powered GICs4  

(No longer for sale – April 9th, 2019)

Scotiabank Index Powered GICs5

(No longer for sale – April 9th, 2019)

(Minimum Investment Amount: $5000)

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