Guaranteed Investment Certificate GIC Rates

Current Offers1


On a 24-month term

Personal Redeemable GICs, 1.40%1


On a 18-month term

Personal Redeemable GICs, 1.30%1


On a 18-month term*

Non Redeemable GICs, 1.35%1


On a 15-month term

Personal Redeemable GICs, 1.20%1

For Preferred Package* and Ultimate Package** Customers (Interest is shown compounded and paid annually).

Term Customers without Preferred/Ultimate Package
2 year 1.2300%
3 year 1.3000%

Find more information about the Preferred Package.
** Find more information about the Ultimate Package.

(Non-Registered:Annual, Semi-Annual Minimum $500 / Monthly Minimum $5,000, RRSPs/RRIFs: Minimum $500)

(Non-Registered: Minimum $5,000, 30 days, RRSPs/RRIFs: Minimum $500, 90 days)

(All plans: Minimum $500, Interest paid at maturity)

(RRSP: Minimum $500, Non-Registered: Minimum $500) Current Annual Interest Rate Paid at Maturity

Scotiabank Equity Powered GICs4  

(Stop sold as of April 9, 2019)

Scotiabank Index Powered GICs5

(Stop sold as of April 9, 2019)

(Minimum Investiment Amount: $5000)