Scotiabank Equity Powered GIC (No longer offered)

Important note
This product is no longer available for sale.

Consider this GIC if you:

  • Want 100% principal protection.

  • Want the potential to enhance your GIC returns by benefitting from the return potential of equity investments.

  • Want to invest for two years or longer.

  • Want the potential to earn a higher, variable return instead of the guaranteed, fixed return of a traditional GIC.

  • Plus:

  • Invest for growth or income.

  • Select with or without a minimum guaranteed rate.

  • Issued by The Bank of Nova Scotia, Montreal Trust Company of Canada and National Trust Company.

  • Scotiabank Equity Powered GIC Rates

    What is an Equity Powered GIC (EPGIC)?

    Learn how EPGICs offer the principal protection of a GIC with the potential to earn more.

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    Scotiabank Equity Powered GICs at a glance

      Canadian Income Canadian Guaranteed Return Canadian Growth American Growth Global Growth
    Term in years 2, 3 or 5 2, 3, or 5 2, 3, or 5 2, 3, or 5 2, 3, or 5
    annual guaranteed interest rate
    Paid annually Compounded and paid at maturity None None None
    potential return*
    Paid annually Paid at maturity Paid at maturity Paid at maturity Paid at maturity
    Linked to Basket of Canadian Shares Basket of Canadian Shares Basket of Canadian Shares Basket of U.S. Shares Basket of Global Shares
    Minimum investment $500 (Canadian Dollars Only)
    Principal 100% Principal Guarantee
    CDIC eligible Yes

    How do Equity Powered GICs compare with other investments?

    Equity Powered GIC
    Regular GICScotia Stock Indexed GICDirect Market/Stock Investment
    Principal 100%
    CDIC eligibleYesYesYesNo
    Can be redeemed?NoNoNoVaries
    Offers minimum guaranteed rate?Yes, for Canadian Income and Canadian Guaranteed ReturnYes, full rate guaranteeNoNo
    Return CalculationLinked to a diversified Basket of SharesFixed interest rateLinked to the performance of a stock market indexDetermined by performance of investment

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