Money is a personal subject.  

Which is why Scotiabank builds relationships with our customers that are about more than banks and banking. They’re about life, and living.

We don’t want to just give you financial advice. We want to give you your financial advice.

We want to understand your perspective, before giving you a new one. We want to be as invested in you, as you are in us.

Because then, and only then, can we help you reach your full financial potential.

The ScotiaAdvice+ Difference


We are personal

Money is a factor in every facet of your life - and no two lives are the same. That’s why our advice is tailored to you.


We are understanding

We take the time to get to know where you’re coming from. Because how else can we help you get to where you’re going?


We are on your side

Your success is our success. Because when you achieve your financial goals, your trust in our relationship grows stronger.

Customer Feedback


I have a great relationship with my advisor and always receive great financial advice.


He goes the extra mile to help fulfill my requests and has always given sound financial advice.


As always, we are extremely happy with the advice given.

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Let’s have a conversation

A good financial plan can help you accomplish your short and long-term financial goals. A simple chat with our Scotia advisors will get you on the right track.

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