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Our rewards calculator helps you understand the benefits of the rewards associated with each of Scotiabank’s credit cards, whether you choose a card that earns Scene+™ points or one that earns cash back.

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We have a wide range of credit cards, each with their own features and benefits. 

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Find out how much you could save on interest in your first year with our low interest rate credit card. 

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We’ll waive your annual fee for the first year or longer, on your eligible Scotiabank credit card, when you sign up for a Preferred12 or Ultimate5 Package bank account.

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Buy now pay later plans (BNPL) and Scotia SelectPay™* Installment plans

Scotia SelectPayTM* plans provide a flexible way to pay for your eligible credit card purchases during checkout or after purchase.8

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Scotiabank credit card centre: 1-800-387-6466

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