Whether it's points toward free travel, a free meal on your next takeout order, or a free movie, we all love earning good rewards.

A recent survey found 56% of Canadians make purchases that earn rewards several times a week,1  and the loyalty programs that allow them to choose from rewards on purchases at restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, movie theatres, and clothing retailers are among the most popular. 2

With that in mind, SCENE, Cineplex® and Scotiabank launched Scene+, a loyalty program that offers you more rewards, more ways to earn and redeem, and more flexibility than ever before. Scene+ is free to join and replaces SCENE as the program that allows customers across Canada to earn points for nearly every transaction with select Scotiabank products and redeem them for rewards they like.

Here's the 101 about Scene+.

How it works

With the new and improved Scene+ program, you can now earn and redeem points towards travel, shopping, and banking. A new and wide range of partners, including retail platforms, online and offline brands, and our existing movie and restaurant partners, lets you choose rewards your way. 

The faster you earn points, the faster you can start redeeming them for rewards. Just use your eligible Scotiabank debit or credit card to boost your points earned when you show your Scene+ membership while shopping at Scene+ partners.

Become a member

First things first, sign up. Scene+ is free to join, and takes just four steps to start redeeming for rewards. 

  1. Download the Scene+ app and sign up, or log in if you already have a SCENE membership
  2. Use your Scene+ app or card at participating partners throughout Canada
  3. Earn Scene+ points
  4. Start redeeming for rewards

If you're a Scotiabank customer formerly earning SCENE or Scotia Rewards points, head to Scotiabank online banking or the Scotiabank app to look up your membership number and check your rewards balances by choosing the account that your new Scene+ membership is connected with. 

Want to earn even faster? Activate an eligible Scotiabank Scene+ Debit or Credit card and you will be automatically enrolled into the Scene+ program.

Access your rewards

Want to stay updated with points and rewards balances? Scotiabank and Scene+ make it easy!

You have multiple points redemption options: access your rewards through the Scene+ app, ScenePlus.ca, Scotiabank online banking, or the Scotiabank mobile banking app for instant access to your points and rewards. 

The Scene+ app allows cardholders to redeem rewards or use points for an account credit on participating Scotiabank debit and credit cards. It also suggests local partners that offer rewards points and other perks, including access to exclusive bonus offers.

Earn points faster

We found out that Canadians used their debit or credit cards to pay for more than $820 million in goods and services in 2020.3  It's time to start swiping your cards for your everyday purchases such as groceries, gas, or concert tickets and get a little something in return. The Scene+ program partners with favorites like Expedia®, Rakuten®, Swiss Chalet®, and Harvey's® to make it easy for cardholders to earn rewards.

Earn rewards each time you spend by paying for eligible everyday purchases with your Scotiabank Scene+ debit card or any of the eligible Scotiabank Scene+ credit cards. Scotiabank Scene+ payment products come in a wide range to give you earning and payment options that are right for you.

Calculate your potential rewards

Every time you use your eligible Scotiabank payment card, you'll earn even more rewards. Use the online rewards calculator to see how your Scene+ rewards may add up. Simply enter your average monthly spending to calculate the value of Scene+ rewards you could earn based on which debit or credit card you choose.*

For example, if your monthly credit card spending is $1,000, the Scotiabank Gold American Express® card would provide an estimated $444 in Scene+ rewards during the first year, which can be applied as a Scotiabank credit toward your credit card bill with the Points for Credit benefit or used to obtain other rewards.*

All Scotiabank cardholders with Scene+ memberships who make eligible everyday purchases using one of the Scene+ Scotiabank debit or Scotiabank credit cards, including the Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite Card, Scotiabank® Scene+ Visa* Card or Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite Card can take advantage of these perks and earn potential savings.

Start earning

Some rewards programs offer limited places to earn or require you to sign up for multiple and separate memberships, cards, and apps for airlines, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, or cash back.

With a Scene+ membership you can earn points on almost all your everyday purchases. Rack up rewards for shopping online with Scene+ Rakuten, purchasing movie tickets and concessions at Cineplex Theatres or the Cineplex Store, and on games, snacks, and tickets at The Rec Room® and Playdium®.4  You'll also earn one point for every $3 spent at more than 700 participating restaurants.*

Redeem your benefits

Saving your Scene+ rewards points for something special? You're not alone. 85% of consumers who participate in loyalty programs have redemption goals. 5

Whether your goal is to redeem your points for a dinner and the cinema, or travel services to an exotic island, or you want to turn them into cash that's deposited straight into your eligible Scotiabank account,Scene+ can make it happen.

If it's a travel service that's on your mind, your Scene+ rewards can be applied towards your next vacation. Scene+ points can be used for travel booking on flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. Simply book travel through Scene+ Travel, Powered by Expedia, to earn points towards your next trip.7  Scotiabank customers can also use Scene+ rewards retroactively. If you booked a trip using an eligible Scotiabank debit or credit card, you can apply your Scene+ points to previous eligible travel purchases up to 12 months after you travelled. 8

You can also redeem your rewards at many popular retailers, online and offline. Explore your Scene+ membership and use Scene+ points to purchase gift cards from more than 60 national retailers in Canada, as well as to purchase the latest and the best merch from Best Buy® and Apple® catalogues. In addition, you can redeem Scene+ points at Cineplex Theatres and at over 700 restaurants — and so much more.

You're already swiping your Scotiabank debit or credit card for your everyday purchases. It's time you earn rewards every day too.

Start earning rewards today!