Bank The Rest® savings program

Right for you if: 

You want to save while you spend
You want to turn your debit purchases into savings


Round up

Have every purchase you make using your Scotiabank debit card rounded up to the next multiple of $1 or $5.



Buy just about anything you want, with your debit card, and your purchase will be rounded up to the amount you choose when you enroll.


Pocket the difference between your purchase total and the amount you choose and have it automatically transferred to a Momentum Savings Account (“No longer offered. Service available to existing account holders only") or Money Master® Savings Account or Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)*.

Your savings add up quickly

The more often you use your debit card to make everyday purchases, the more you'll save. And since your money is being transferred to a Momentum Savings Account or Money Master Savings Account, your savings will grow. 

All you need to get started is:

There are no additional fees. You pay only the fees already covered in your monthly account package.


Save automatically

Talk to a Scotia Advisor and find out how you can save $1,500 or more a year. We've made it easy to save more every year in three simple ways. 

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Ready to apply?

In Branch

Make an appointment at your local branch

By Phone

Takes about 8 minutes


If you have a ScotiaCard and Savings Account, sign up by logging into Scotia OnLine and selecting Bank the Rest® from the Quick Menu next to your qualifying savings account.