Bank The Rest® savings program

The more often you use your debit card to make everyday purchases, the more you’ll save.

Top reasons to choose this program

Turn your debit purchases into savings

Funds automatically grow in your Money Master savings account

No additional fees

Grow your savings with your debit card

With Bank the Rest®, you’ll save each time you use your debit card on everyday purchases. Here’s how it works:


When you enrol in Bank the Rest®, you select whether you want your everyday debit purchases to be rounded up to the next multiple of $1 or $5.


Use your Scotia debit card for all your everyday purchases and it’ll be rounded up to the amount you chose when you enrolled.


Automatically pocket the difference between your total purchase amount and the round up amount you chose in your Money Master account.

3 simple things to get started

A Scotiabank chequing account
Set up your online or mobile banking, then log into your Scotia account and enrol in the Bank The Rest® savings program

Save automatically

See how Bank the RestBank The Rest® will help you save while you spend.

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