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Scotia iTRADE®

Get started with self-directed investing. With Scotia iTRADE®, you’ll benefit from standard $9.99 commission pricing per trade for equities and options2. Our powerful online trading platform is easy to use, plus you’ll gain access to in-depth analysis, research, tips, and much more.


How to open a Scotia iTRADE® account?

Opening an account is easy and takes about 15 minutes. Our helpful tips & checklist below could help make the process easier for you.


How to add funds or transfer money to Scotia iTRADE®?

Transferring funds to Scotia iTRADE® is simple. Explore three options to learn how to add funds from a Scotiabank Account or another financial institution.


How to place a trade on Scotia iTRADE®?

Are you considering placing a trade? You can buy or sell stocks on Scotia iTRADE® by following these simple steps. Understand price types and order types here.

Why Scotia iTRADE®?

Some great reasons to join Scotia iTRADE® today. Scotia iTRADE® is a top rated discount brokerage which offers low cost commissions and innovative technologies for any level of investor.

Open a Scotia iTRADE account Open a Scotia iTRADE® account


Manage investments on your own terms.

Our powerful trading platform lets you manage your investments from a computer or mobile device with integrated banking and trading all on one screen.


Invest in yourself.

Scotia iTRADE U® offers a wealth of free educational tools and resources including articles, videos, webinars, and the Knowledge Navigator to help you find the educational path to your direct investing goals.


Achieve your investment goals.

Whatever you’re investing for, Scotia iTRADE® offers an account that will meet – and often exceed – your expectations. Discover Canada’s first sustainable investing tools for direct investors.

Direct investing FAQs

Once you complete an online application form, your account may receive temporary approval so you can start trading as early as the next business day. You then have two weeks to mail us the documentation required to complete the account approval process. However, approval of RESP accounts and some non-personal accounts may take longer as we only accept paper-based applications for these types of accounts. Margin and PRO accounts will only be opened once all documents are received and approved.

You can link your bank account(s) from another Canadian financial institution to your Scotia iTRADE account(s) by providing the banking details on the account application form you complete and submitting a personalized void cheque or branch stamped bank letter.

Alternatively, you can download, complete and mail the Easy Transfer Authorization Form to: 

Scotia iTRADE
P.O. Box 4002 Station A,
Toronto, ON M5W 0G4

Yes, Scotia iTRADE offers pre-authorized contribution/deposit plans from any bank account at a Canadian financial institution to your Scotia iTRADE account. To link to a bank account and set up a plan, complete the Easy Transfer Authorization Form and mail the form, along with a void cheque or branch stamped bank letter to: 

Scotia iTRADE
P.O. Box 4002 Station A,
Toronto, ON 
M5W 0G4

A designated trading authority or power of attorney can be specified by sending us a "Trading Authorization for Personal Accounts" or "Application for a Power of Attorney – Personal Accounts" form. The form must be accompanied with a photocopy of valid photo ID and a cheque in the amount of $1 from the designated person.

To designate a trading authority, complete the Trading Authorization for Personal Accounts form.

To designate a Power of Attorney, complete the Power of Attorney – Personal Accounts form.

If you are currently paying $9.99 per trade, you can qualify for $4.99 commissions by executing 150 equity and/or option trades per quarter.

To learn more, please visit our Commission and Fee Schedule.