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Add Supplementary Cardholders to your Credit Card Account - It's easy

To add a person such as friend or family member as a supplementary cardholder to your credit card account you'll need:

  • Your existing Scotiabank Credit Card Account Number
  • The supplementary cardholder's name, address, phone number and date of birth (please be sure you have the consent of your supplementary cardholder to provide us that information)

Only the Primary Cardholder or the Co-Borrower Cardholder on a Credit Card Account can add supplementary cardholders to their Scotiabank Credit Card Account.

And, when you do, enjoy1:

  • Benefits – your supplementary cardholder will have access to many of same benefits that you do on your Scotiabank Credit Card Account

  • Added rewards - if your Scotiabank Credit Card Account earns rewards (cash back, Scotia Rewards points etc.), everyday purchases made by your supplementary cardholder will earn rewards that will be applied to your Scotiabank Credit Card Account for your benefit.

  • Simplified Record Keeping for you and your Supplementary Cardholder - transactions are consolidated on your account, and easily identified.

  • Convenience - Your Supplementary Cardholder can make purchases and cash advances through your Credit Card Account.

  • Activate your card

    Once you receive your new Credit Card you can activate it online quickly and securely. It only takes a minute and you'll be on your way to enjoying the many benefits of your new card.

    Activate online or by phone 1(800) 806-8600

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