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Wire Transfers - Be Alert. Be Aware. Be Cautious.

Wire transfers can be an effective way to send funds but can also allow fraudsters to scam people by requesting wire transfers that appear professional, friendly, or helpful.

Check out the new 
Wire Fraud Awareness guide learn about what signs to look for when sending a wire transfer and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a wire transfer scam requests.

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Wire Fraud Awareness Guide

Money Wire Transfers - Be Alert. Be Aware. Be Cautious.

Protecting you and your money

If you are a victim of fraud, report it immediately. 

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Grandparent scams are rising across Canada: Here's how to keep yourself safe

Scammers are targeting seniors by posing as a grandchild or a loved one in trouble. Learn how to protect yourself from this popular scam

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Financial elder abuse is a top crime; here's how to keep yourself safe

Don't let anyone manipulate you financially, even those closest to you. Learn how to spot the warning signs and take action against senior financial abuse.


6 strategies to help protect seniors against financial fraud

Get some helpful tips on how to protect your aging parents against common scams targeted towards seniors.

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Types of fraud

Seniors are often targeted for financial fraud. It’s important to be aware of financial crimes so you can protect yourself and your finances. Learn to recognize the most common types of financial scams.

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How to protect yourself from financial fraud

Learn some simple steps you can take to be vigilant and protect yourself.

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Don’t be catfished by a romance scam

Keep your heart and your money and safe. Learn how to spot a romance fraudster.

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