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Take action against financial fraud

Have you been scammed? 

Report any suspicious activity immediately. Call 1-800-4-SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842), press 3, and then press 1.  

Job scams: Learn how to identify job scams targeting Canadians. Fraudsters might ask you to fill out forms that request personal and financial information, or ask you for a copy of your passport or a personal cheque. Often, they will send you a cheque to deposit into your account and ask you to return all or some of the funds. Protect yourself: Don't give your personal or financial information to anyone, especially if they've contacted you by email or social media. And don’t cash cheques on behalf of companies asking you to return funds to them.


COVID-19 vaccine scams: Continue to watch out for COVID-19 fraud, including scams and frauds linked to COVID-19 vaccines.

Top tips to fight fraud

We all need to be vigilant in the fight against fraud. Remember: don’t fall for the trick. Think before you click.

Do not respond to unsolicited e-mails, text messages, websites, or pop-up windows that request personal or confidential information.

Do not trust unusual, high-pressure, or urgent phone calls, especially if they ask for any personal information or your login details. 

Do not share your banking passwords with anyone.

Do not open attachments or click hyperlinks in emails or text messages that are sent by someone you don’t know or recognize.

Do use a different password for every login account you have for an app or website. 

Do create long and strong passwords by using a combination of letters and numbers. If you think your banking password has been compromised, change it immediately.

Do keep your mobile phone and desktop software secure by installing the latest updates when prompted.

Do sign up for eStatements to reduce the risk of identity theft from statements stolen from your mail or recycling bin.

Learn about common scams

Find out how to recognize typical tricks and identify a scam.

How we keep you safe

From sign in to sign out, your information is protected by multiple layers of security.

Online Security Guarantee

Your financial and personal information is safe, secure, and protected by our Online Security Guarantee.


eStatements provide 24/7 secure access to your account balances and statements. Plus, you’ll reduce the risk of identity theft from statements stolen from your mail or recycling bin.


Scotia InfoAlerts keep you notified of transactions on your accounts. Set up InfoAlerts on any of your accounts, credit cards, lines of credit, or business accounts.

Security Guarantee

We will fully reimburse you for any direct financial losses from unauthorized activity1 in your accounts2 through our online or mobile banking services provided you have met your security responsibilities.

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