Online Fraud

If you encounter a suspicious email, website, or unsolicited pop-up window that claims affiliation with Scotiabank, please report it to us immediately.

If you provided personal information through an email, website, or pop-up window.

Action: Call 1-800-4-SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842), press 3 then 1, immediately if you are a Scotiabank customer and you believe that you have been a victim of online fraud.

If you did not provide any information but just encountered a fraudulent email or website that claims to be from Scotiabank.

Action: Forward the fraudulent email or information to Please don't change or retype the subject line as this hinders our ability to properly investigate it. After forwarding the e-mail, you should delete if from your inbox. We will send you an automated response.

Related Websites

Here are some organizations that can provide you with more information, including tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud and how to report it.

Please be cautious of phony web sites, webpages and emails that appear to represent trusted organizations (such as Scotiabank) requesting personal or financial information from you. While appearing legitimate, these are actually malicious attempts by criminals to collect your information for the purpose of committing fraud.

Protect Yourself

Know that Scotiabank will never present you with unexpected webpages or send you unsolicited emails asking for your password, Personal Identification Number (PIN), credit card, account numbers, etc. We will never ask you to validate or restore your account access through unsolicited email.
Report any suspicious requests to Scotiabank immediately at 1-800-4-SCOTIA.

Do not respond to unsolicited e-mails or web sites that request personal information.

What to Look For
  • An unexpected web site, web page or email appearing to be from a legitimate company (such as Scotiabank) may try to entice you to provide your personal information by claiming to verify security information or account details, possibly to avoid interruption of a service.
  • You may be asked to complete an online form or to respond to an e-mail requesting personal information for no apparent reason.
  • The information being requested is of a personal or financial nature, such as credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), date of birth, social insurance numbers, etc.
Protect Yourself
  • Do not respond to unexpected websites or unsolicited emails that request personal information. If in doubt, contact the trusted company directly.
  • Report any suspicious requests to Scotiabank immediately at 1-800-4-SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842).
  • Please follow Safe Computing Practices to help protect your information.