Other ways to bank

See how easily banking with Scotiabank will fit into your everyday life.

Telescotia Telephone Banking

You can do your everyday banking anytime using a touchtone phone. Use Telescotia to:

  • Pay your bills
  • Check your balance
  • Transfer funds between accounts

Download our Telephone Banking Guide (1MB, PDF) to start banking on your touchtone phone.

If you’re using a smartphone, you can do your everyday banking using the Scotiabank mobile app. Get started with banking on your smartphone

Priority line service

For a limited time, we will be providing priority line service for frontline healthcare workers and seniors through our Contact Centre.

Customers can complete many of their banking needs from home through online banking and our mobile banking app. To get started, check out our online guides and tutorials.

If you are a senior, physician, nurse, paramedic, or other healthcare personnel, please contact Scotiabank at 1-888-777-4650 to receive priority line service. Please have your ScotiaCard number ready when calling.

Scotiabank will take the initiative to communicate with individuals with disabilities in ways that account for their disability while remaining accommodating and respectful.

  • Relay Calls are accepted when you call our Contact Centre
  • 24/7 service for TTY calls

How to contact us by Telephone

Did you know that many of the questions asked to our Contact Centre can be quickly resolved with a self-serve option? Save time on the phone by checking to see if your question is on this list.

Government deposits are typically processed between midnight to 6am EST. If you do not see your expected government deposit by midnight, please check again in the morning. You can check your account balance and transactions quickly and easily using online or mobile banking. If you would like to set up online or mobile banking for the first time, check out our helpful online guides and tutorials. You can also check your account balances using Telescotia or an ABM. If you are missing an expected government deposit, please check the government payment schedule and contact the appropriate government office to correct any issues.

Did you know you can get all of your eligible account statements whenever you like when you sign up for eStatements? You can view, print, and download statements with up to 7 years of past statements using online or mobile banking. Here are instructions for how to sign up for eStatements.

Wire Transfers can be used to send money globally, and will deposit to a specific bank account. Here are instructions for how to send an International Money Transfer to a friend or family member. For other questions about wire transfers, including how to receive a wire transfer, check out a list of popular wire transfer questions.

Here is a list of our chequing account types. Please select the account you currently have to learn more about fees for your account.

You can easily cancel any Interac e-Transfer which hasn’t yet been received by the person you have sent it to. Here are instructions for how to cancel an Interac e-Transfer. If the e-Transfer you sent has already been received by the recipient, please contact the recipient of the transfer to make arrangements.

You can learn how to send an Interac e-Transfer using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Here are instructions for how to send an Interac e-Transfer.

If you are using online banking, here’s how to review the status of your e-Transfers:

  • From your Accounts page, select Transfers
  • Select Interac e-Transfer
  • Select History & Pending

If you are using the Scotiabank app, here’s how to review the status of your e-Transfers:

  • From the app’s Home screen, tap Transfers
  • Tap Interac e-Transfer
  • Tap Manage  transfers to view your pending Interac e-Transfers

Do you need to speak with someone on the telephone? Our Contact Centre is here for you.
Here is a list of the numbers you can call to reach our Contact Centre departments when you need them.

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