Paperless Recordkeeping

An eco-friendly way to cut paper clutter

Is it right for me?

It’s perfect if you want to see and save your statements and skip the paper clutter.

Tell me about it

Go paperless and you’ll get your statements and transactional history electronically each month. You skip the hassle of shredding or filing paper and you’ll help the environment. Plus, it’s easy to:

  • View your statements
  • Save your statements on a computer, hard drive, or online storage system

Easy to access your history

Need an old statement? No problem. Sign into Scotia OnLine and view, download, or print up to 24 months of your transaction history and seven years of archival credit card, investments, Mortgage, and Scotia Total Equity® Plan (STEP) statements after you sign up.

You can also view electronic images of cheques that have cleared within the last 90 days1. And it’s FREE when you sign up for paperless statements.

Paperless recordkeeping is available for most Chequing and Saving accounts, Credit Card, Mortgage, Scotia Total Equity® Plan and Investment Statements.

Simple to set up

It only takes a moment to sign up for paperless statements.

       Where do I start?
Download the Scotiabank App
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