Welcome Kits

Select your credit card from the list below to view the Welcome Kit and learn more about your card’s features and benefits.

Cash Back Cards

Scotia Momentum® Visa Infinite* Card
Download Kit 2,018 KB
Scotia Momentum® Visa* Card
Download Kit 443 KB
Scotia Momentum® No-Fee Visa* Card
Download Kit 443 KB

Travel Cards

Scotiabank American Express Card
Download Kit 5,601 KB
Scotiabank Gold American Express Card
Download Kit 7,920 KB
ScotiaGold Passport®Visa* Card
Download Kit 1,334 KB
Scotiabank® Rewards Visa* Card
Download Kit 837 KB
Scotiabank PassportTMVisa Infinite* Card
Download Kit 1,9 KB

Rewards Cards

SCENE®* Visa* Card
Download Kit 480 KB
Scotiabank® GM®† Visa* Card
Download Kit 692 KB
Scotiabank® GM®† Visa Infinite* Card
Download Kit 2,101 KB
Scotiabank® More Rewards®‡ Visa* Card
Download Kit 1,348 KB

Low Interest Cards

Scotiabank Value® Visa* Card
Download Kit 375 KB
No-Fee Scotiabank Value® Visa* Card
Download Kit 375 KB

Small Business Cards

Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite Business* Card
Download Kit 575 KB
Scotia Momentum® for business Visa* Card
Download Kit 1,864 KB
ScotiaGold Passport® for business Visa* Card
Download Kit 1,357 KB
Scotiabank® GM®† Visa* Business Card
Download Kit 533 KB

Student Cards

SCENE®* Visa* Card 
Download Kit 480 KB
L’earn® Visa* Card
Download Kit 497 KB

Other Cards

Scotiabank® U.S. Dollar Visa* Card
Download Kit 407 KB
No-Fee ScotiaGold® Visa* Card
Download Kit 516 KB

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