Tap into the ease of a digital wallet

Store your eligible1 debit and credit cards in one virtual place and use your mobile device to pay for everyday purchases securely with a tap.

It's like your wallet, but better


Your mobile wallet can be used for purchases of up to $250 wherever contactless transactions are accepted, including on transit.2


Your card details aren’t shared or stored on your device, keeping your data private. Plus, with Interac Zero Liability Policy, Visa* Zero Liability Policy, American Express Fraud Protection Guarantee, MasterCard Zero Liability Policy and Scotiabank’s Mobile Security Guarantee, you’re protected from fraud and unauthorized card usage.3

Pay faster

Tap your phone or wearable device to use your mobile wallet, and you’re good to go.

Earn rewards

Keep earning Scene+TM points or cashback when you use your Scotia debit or credit card that earns rewards in your mobile wallet to make a purchase.

Add your debit and credit cards

Learn how to add cards to your mobile wallet of choice.4