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Stay financially on track when life takes an unexpected turn. With optional Scotia Creditor Insurance Protection, you can feel prepared knowing that, whatever happens, your Scotiabank debt could be paid in full or have your payments maintained, providing financial support for you and your family.

Learn more about what our optional creditor insurance products can do for you. 

Useful tools


Line of Credit Insurance Premium Calculator 

This calculator will let you input information about your line of credit, and calculate your estimated insurance premium.  


Mortgage Insurance Premium Calculator 

See how much it would cost to insure your mortgage payments based on your individual needs. 


Credit Card Insurance Premium Calculator 

Find what your estimated premium could be for Basic or Comprehensive protection insurance coverage on your Scotiabank credit card balances. 


Creditor Insurance Protection Planner 

Calculate how much creditor insurance you might need to protect your Mortgage, Credit Card or Line of Credit debt. 

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