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Starting your own business is an incredibly exciting time as your creativity and hard work come to life. It can also be a bit overwhelming. How do you set yourself and your business up for success?

Our small business advisors are here to be an extended part of your team. We can help you as you create and grow your business, from creating a business plan to managing cashflow to succession planning.

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Thinking of growing your business or just getting started? Our Scotia advisors are happy to meet or speak with you about your accounts, loans, commercial mortgages, payments, and other business needs. Explore all the useful business tools and resources at our Business Advice+ Centre.

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Tips for you

Our Scotia advisor shares his tips on building and running your business.

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How to build a business plan in 4 steps.

What is cash flow video

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How to manage cashflow.

What's a succession plan video

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How to start succession planning.

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Find out how you can start and expand your business with our advice for small businesses.


5 ways to get your business off the ground

Successful entrepreneurs understand that behind every great business idea is extensive research and sound planning. Here are some ways to start planning to get your business off the ground.


Saving to start up

Learn about the different levels of risk tolerance when it comes to investing.


Understand these tax regulations before you start your business

Whether you intend to have an accountant handle your taxes or you plan to take care of them yourself, it’s a good idea to take some time to learn how taxation in Canada will apply to your business, including GST/HST, income tax, employee source deductions, and the Canada Pension Plan.


Is your new business feasible?

Before you launch, step back to make sure the elements to succeed are in place.


4 ways to grow your business

Growing a successful business is not only about winning new customers. It's also about improving what you offer to your current customers. Here are four key ways to grow your business.


Where start-ups spend their money

Be prepared for the expense and know exactly what everything will cost.

Useful tools


What will work best for you?

Use our tool to find banking solutions that suit your business needs.


The Scotiabank Women Initiative

Learn about our Comprehensive program helping women take their businesses to the next level, through Access to Capital, Mentorship, and Education.


How to build your business

Check out our tool to explore how you can save time, money and prepare your business for growth.

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