Small business owners

If you run a small business, we have the resources and tools to help you overcome challenges, and achieve your business goals.

Empowering women to take their small business to the next level

The Scotiabank Women Initiative specializes in supporting women entrepreneurs as they grow, scale and operate their small businesses. Whether you’re looking for equal access to capital, tailored financial solutions, education or mentoring, we can help you achieve the success you seek.

Unbiased access to capital and tailored solutions

With the support of our team of advisors, we offer unbiased access to capital, and tailored advice on small business banking solutions that are designed specifically for women business owners.

Bespoke specialized education                           

Build the financial confidence and expertise you need to make informed decisions when it comes to growing your business. Our online resources and interactive workshops make it easy.                                               


Holistic advisory services and mentorship

Prepare to achieve your business goals with the help of our advisors. They’re committed to supporting women like you, providing inclusive, women-centric advice. We also offer a mentorship program with The Forum, which will pair you with an established entrepreneur for 1:1 coaching.


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Lead generation marketing

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Lead scoring to maximize your resource allocation

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Our partners and offers

Our partnerships and offers can provide additional tools and resources to help you succeed. Discover what's available to you.