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With our Total Wealth Planning process, we can help build your financial confidence to preserve and enhance your wealth through life’s transitions.

Empowering women to take control of their financial futures

The Scotiabank Women Initiative takes an inclusive approach to empower women to make confident financial decisions for their family, their business, their future. Whether you’re the primary financial decision-maker, a partner in decision making, or financially independent.


Unbiased access to tailored solutions

Take charge of your financial future with the support of our team of specialists. We have the expertise to meet the full spectrum of your financial needs—from investing to estate and trust services, from insurance to philanthropy, and much more.


Bespoke specialized education

Build the financial confidence you need to make informed decisions when it comes to your wealth. Our online resources and workshops offer you support on navigating life transitions like retirement, divorce and more. 


Holistic advisory services 

Our Advisor/Relationship Manager listens to what you value most, and help you plan ahead. They’re trained to support women like you so that you’re better prepared financially for any upcoming life transitions, and to create a Total Wealth Plan that reflects your needs and aspirations.

Explore Your Priorities tool

Everyone has different priorities, which can lead to what you need from a wealth management perspective. Discover what’s most important to you with this tool. 


Family and relationships

We can help create a wealth plan for your family’s future, focused on what matters most to you.

Community and giving

We can help you become a thoughtful and engaged donor, starting by aligning your annual charitable giving with your values and priorities.

Health and wellness

Through the Total Wealth Planning process we can work with you to plan proactively to meet potential health-related challenges and expenses.

Lifestyle and leisure

Through the Total Wealth Planning process, we will collaborate closely with you and our team of specialists to help you preserve and enhance your wealth so you can live your life today and enjoy your retirement tomorrow.

Career and business

Career and business

Through our Total Wealth Planning process, we can provide business owners with guidance around continuity of business ownership, family succession planning and dynamics, and contingency planning to maximize the value of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Explore further insights

Discover the resources you need to better plan for your life transitions.

Our wealth specialists are trained to understand your financial needs


When it comes to life transitions, women face unique challenges and need a Total Wealth Plan to reflect that. Each of our client -servicing professionals is trained to support you as you navigate important life stages, and to provide tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals.


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Empowering you through life transitions

We invite you to watch Dr. Amy D'Aprix discuss how to thrive during life changes and unexpected "life quakes".