Commercial business leaders

We understand what it takes for a company like yours to grow and thrive. Our Business Banking Specialists can help you access the resources and tools to make it happen.

Offering industry-specific advice and support to women-led businesses

The Scotiabank Women Initiative will assign you a specialist with a deep understanding of your industry, and the unique challenges you face as a woman business leader. Whether you’re looking for equal access to capital, tailored financial solutions, education or mentoring, we can help you achieve the success, on your terms.

Unbiased access to capital and tailored solutions

Our team of specialists understands the challenges women-led businesses face when it comes to securing funding, and are here to provide support. We’ll help create value for your business by providing financing expertise specific to your industry that best supports your ongoing goals.

Bespoke specialized education

Build the financial confidence and technical expertise you need to make informed decisions when it comes to your business. Our industry-specific resources and insights will help you elevate your skill set.

Holistic advisory services and mentorship

Prepare to achieve your goals of building or scaling your business with the help of our Mentor Program, powered by The Forum. As a participant, you’ll be matched with an experienced women business leader for one-on-one mentorship, women-centric advice, and peer support.


The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Commercial Real Estate in Canada

Altus Group conducts a survey to assess how the recent hikes will affect development and investment parameters for the rest of 2022.

Building the Commercial Real Estate Workforce of the Future

This CREW Network research report provides insight into post-COVID workforce priorities.

Informal Networking: Building Your Brand

Formal networking has its place in building your career. However, more informal conversations can definitely work to your advantage as well.

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