Access to capital

When it comes to accessing capital, women business leaders may face challenges. We are here to bridge that gap with tailored financing solutions for women-led businesses, building on our insights about the industry you’re in.

Financing solutions

When it comes to financing, it’s wise for business leaders to be aware of all solutions that are available to propel their business forward. Our commitment is to create value for your businesses by structuring and executing financing options that are best aligned to support their ongoing business objectives.

How do you put the right capital structure in place?
The right structure can be more important than pricing.  A proper structure could facilitate growth or help a company survive through difficult economic conditions as it will preserve working capital and ultimately cash flow. 

What to consider when seeking financing.
Creativity and patience is key to effective lending solutions. We can work with you to structure capital solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Have you considered the value of both your tangible and intangible assets?
Many financing needs can be met by borrowing against tangible assets. However, when these aren’t available, intangible assets like trademarks, patents, research and development, goodwill, customer relationships, brand, proprietary technologies, market share and reputation are taken into consideration.

In terms of financing acquisitions, have you considered equity or other patient or junior capital solutions?
Getting the right combination of working capital financing/senior debt/junior capital/equity is important.  The right financing structure can ensure the acquisition happens effectively and efficiently, without over-taxing your cash flow etc. 

Is your company ready for a business transition?
When transitioning ownership or succession for example, timing is paramount:  knowing when to start the process is as important as knowing how to finance the project.  It’s critical to bring in the right capital providers early in the process.

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