Corporate and institutional clients

If you’re a senior or emerging corporate leader pursuing your best professional future, we have programs you’ll want to explore.

Driving positive change

For Global Banking and Markets, The Scotiabank Women Initiative is designed to drive positive change. With a focus on clients ranging from senior executives to emerging leaders, we’re focused on helping women pursue their best professional futures, and supporting the leaders and companies advancing diversity, equity and inclusion.


Access to tailored solutions

We develop and provide leading strategies, innovative products and services, and insights on trends.


Bespoke specialized education

We deliver relevant forums and resources to help empower and build technical expertise.


Holistic advisory services

We provide tailored development opportunities and consultation with leading experts.


Driving AI literacy through increased diversity: Helping organizations across Canada succeed

With the dramatic rise of ChatGPT, this large language model chatbot has business leaders of all stripes, from start-ups to corporate giants, thinking about Artificial Intelligence.

The Scotiabank Women Initiative panel offers snapshot of Canadian consumer health

Women executives from the retail, commercial real estate and financial sectors share their observations on today's inflation-and interest-rate-weary consumers.

Exploring AI for tangible business and investor advantage

The Scotiabank Women Initiative™ for GBM hosted a unique panel discussion on the topic at Scotiabank’s recent Private Technology Company Conference.

Laurie May climbs to the top of Mount Hollywood 

The Scotiabank Women Initiative hosted film industry executive, Laurie May, at a Fireside Chat on leadership, risk-taking and trusted advisors.

Helping women chart paths to the boardroom

The Scotiabank Women Initiative presented a panel discussion as part of Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets’ ESG Conference and Sustainability Summit.

Advisory Spotlight: Bringing diverse value to clients

The Scotiabank Women Initiative® spoke with Rob Sainsbury and John Medland about their experiences with the program and the positive client impact.