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Top Questions

  • Below are some of the phone numbers our customers use the most. Or you can view a full list of numbers here. Relay service calls are always accepted at all of these numbers. You can also visit any of our branches.

    You can call to ask questions, open accounts and get help with all of your banking, borrowing, and investing needs. We're available 24/7. 

    General Inquiries

    1 (800) 4SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842)
    1 (800) 645-0288 (services for the hearing impaired)
    (416) 701-7200 (Greater Toronto Area/outside Canada and the U.S., please call collect)

    Mobile Banking Support Line

    1 (877) 908-8866

    TeleScotia Telephone Banking

    1 (800) 267-1234 (English)
    1 (800) 575-1212 (French)
    1 (800) 830-8800 (Cantonese)
    1 (800) 830-8080 (Mandarin)

    Scotiabank Credit Card Centre

    1 (800) 387-6466 (Canada/USA)
    (416) 288-1440 (Greater Toronto Area)
    1 (800) 645-0288 (TTY - text telephone services for the hearing impaired Canada/USA)

    You can find a complete list of phone numbers here.

  • Just use this Branch & ABM locator tool to get the information you need for any specific branch including:

    * Location

    * Hours of operation

    * Phone and fax numbers

    * Transit number

    * Wheelchair accessibility

    * Language options

  • Absolutely. There are three easy ways to access your Scotiabank accounts while outside of Canada:


    Sign in to Scotia OnLine to view your account, transfer funds, pay bills and more.


    By phone

    Call us toll-free at 1(800) 4SCOTIA (if you’re in the continental U.S., i.e., excluding Alaska) or call us collect at (416) 701-7200 if you’re anywhere else in the world.


    At an ABM

    Withdraw cash or get a credit card cash advance by visiting ABMs that display the VISA, Plus, Interac, American Express or LINK symbols.


    Using the Global ATM Alliance, you can withdraw cash from known participating member ABMs.


    Have a back up payment option

    When you're travelling, you should always carry more than one method of payment with you like:  

    * Credit cards

    * Debit cards

    * Traveller’s cheques

    * Small amounts of local currency

    That way, if one payment method doesn't work, or gets lost, you can use another.  


    If you have any credit or debit card issues while traveling outside of Canada, please contact us right away.

    * In the continental U.S. (excluding Alaska) call us toll-free at 1(800) 4SCOTIA

    * If you’re anywhere else in the world, call us collect at (416) 701-7200

  • To find out how to set up your banking account before you move to Canada, follow these two simple steps.

    Step 1. Select the link that best describes your reason for moving to Canada. Will you be:

    Working or living in Canada?


    Studying in Canada?

    Step 2. After you select a link, you’ll see a page called “Lets Get You Started”. Select the country you’re from and you’ll find out how to set up your account. 

  • If you use Scotia OnLine you can use Interac e-Transfer to send money and receive money from friends, family, co-workers - anyone with a Canadian bank account.

    Using Interac Email Money Transfer is easiest when the recipient banks online with any of the following financial institutions:

    * Scotiabank

    * Bank of Montreal    

    * CIBC

    * RBC

    * TD Canada Trust

    * Tangerine

    * President's Choice Financial

    If your recipient banks online with a different bank, they can still receive an Interac Email Money Transfer. However there may be a delay for processing, and the recipient may also incur service fees to receive the funds. 

    If your recipient banks with Scotiabank, but does not use Scotia OnLine, they will not be able to receive the funds. Try a Western Union Money Transfer instead.


    Here's what you need to do:

    After you have signed onto Scotia OnLine, simply:

    1. Click the "Banking" tab

    2. Click "Transfers" sub-tab

    3. Click the (Interac Email Money Transfer) "Send Money" in the left-hand navigation and follow the on-screen steps

    Have more questions about Email Money Transfers? Check these FAQs for the answer.

    Not a Scotia OnLine customer?  Find out more about registering for Scotia OnLine.

  • If you're a personal banking customer please see Account Fees at a Glance to find information about fees and service charges.

    If you're a business banking customer please refer to Your Guide to Fees and Interest Schedules.


    You can also see this list of ABM fees for everyday transactions.

    If you have questions about the service charges on your account please call us at 1(800) 4SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842) or visit your branchfor more information. 

  • Personal banking customers
    When you opened your account and received your ScotiaCard, you would have decided whether or not to register your ScotiaCard for online access.

    If your ScotiaCard is registered for online access, you just need to activate your card. You'll require your:

    * ScotiaCard number

    * Date of birth

    * Mother’s maiden name

    * Home phone number

    * Postal code

    If your ScotiaCard is not registered for online access, we're happy to register it for you. Simply visit your branch or call 1(800) 4SCOTIA.

    Small business customers
    Please visit your branch to register for Scotia OnLine banking.

  • Personal banking customers
    Please contact your Scotiabank branch to arrange the wire transfer and to confirm the service fees. Use our Branch Locator to find your home branch.

    Before you contact your branch be sure you know the: 

    * Currency of the wire transfer

    * Beneficiary's name and address

    * Beneficiary's bank and location

    If you regularly send transfers to a specific location, please have that specific SWIFT code or ABA number handy. That'll make the process faster for you.

    If you don't know your SWIFT code or ABA number, don't worry. Just contact your Scotiabank branch. They'll help ensure that you have the correct code or number for your needs.


    Business customers     
    You can use our convenient Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) service to make payments and send funds all over the world.  

  • You can get the latest foreign exchange rates in three easy ways: 

    Online: View daily foreign exchange rates for over 25 different currencies.

    By phone: Simply call us at 416-866-4900. 

    At the branch: Find out the day's rates from your local Scotiabank branch

    The foreign exchange rate will be the same no matter which option you choose.

  • Absolutely. Just contact the branch to arrange an appointment with a Scotiabank Advisor. You can also set up a meeting directly with:

    • Home Financing Advisors
    • Scotiabank Investment Specialists
    • Scotia Wealth Management
    • Small Business Advisors
    • Commercial Banking Specialists